Terra HX operators are trained to respond to emergencies when they occur. Terra HX crews can safely handle the removal, transport and disposal of waste and debris from disasters, spills or flooding.


Our vacuum trucks are versatile which makes them the ideal choice for almost any emergency. We can service most remote locations, from tank clean-outs and sludge removal, to residential homes and commercial buildings.

Applications: Debris Removal, Sludge Removal, Mud, Water Removal, Hazardous and Non Hazardous Waste, Oil and Fuel Spills.


Terra HX can provide an effective cleaning solution for wet and dry materials safely and efficiently. Our units are more efficient and safer than traditional methods saving you time and money.


There are many types of tanks and tank styles that can be found within the Storage Tank Industry. One key component that all these tanks have in common, they will need to be cleaned out at some point.


Terra HX Units can clean storage units with an industrial-strength vacuum system; supported by a controlled high-pressure water system that has the capability to heat the water, housed in a large water tank located on the unit.


Applications (not limited to): Above Ground Storage Tanks, Underground Storage Tanks, FRAC Tanks, Oil Water Separators, Wash Bay Sumps, Water/Waste Water Treatment Basins, Road and Box Culvert Clean-Outs, Material Removal from Inside Structures and Buildings.



Terra HX units can excavate precise service pits in developed areas, providing minimal disruption to surrounding facilities and infrastructure as well as providing quick access to make service repairs to buried utilities.


Our Units are non-destructive, adding value and safety to projects in the telecom, water, sewer, gas, electrical distribution as well as other infrastructure sector’s that require service repair pits.


Applications: Gas Service Tie-in Pits, Electric Cable Fault Repair Pits, Water Main & Service Pits and Telecom Splice Pits.


No matter the size, shape or type of pipe, Terra HX flushes and cleans waste water systems quickly and efficiently.


Our wide variety of sewer nozzles and control of water flow and pressure allows us to clean drains, sewers in an emergency or as part of an ongoing maintenance program.


Our custom built combination Flusher/Vacuum units have high volume pumps to ensure large quantities of debris are cleared away safely.



Our non-destructive pipeline excavation is critical to the safety, repair, and maintenance of oil, gas and petrochemical facilities for pipeline crossings or pipeline tie-ins.


Terra HX understands the importance placed on maintaining work site safety, repair and maintenance of oil, gas, and petrochemical facilities for pipeline crossings/pipeline tie-ins.


The speed of our hydrovacs and non-destructive characteristics make it the right choice for excavations of any size. Another advantage to our units is having the ability to keep a pit dry of ground water for service technician, trades and inspectors.


Applications: Pipeline Crossings, Pipeline Tie-Ins, Hydro Probing, Utility Conflicts, Oil and Fuel Spills.


Potholing, refers to the process of exposing buried facilities by hydro vacuum excavation. It creates a test hole to expose underground infrastructure to determine the horizontal and vertical location of the buried facility.


Terra HX’s potholing service can enhance project safety, increase productivity, and lower costs as well as risk when exposing buried infrastructure.


Applications: Visual Confirmation of Buried Lines, Directional Drilling Test Holes, Sacrificial Anode Installation, Pipeline and Utility Crossing, Subsurface Utility Engineering Test Holes.



Daylighting; is a term used to describe the uncovering and exposing of underground utilities, cables and pipelines to daylight;


Traditionally, the uncovering of buried lines has been completed by hand digging and mechanical excavation which carries a high risk of injury, ruptured or damaged underground pipes, electrical lines, cables or other infrastructure.


Hydrovac daylighting is used to improve project safety, increase productivity, and lower project costs.

Terra HX units are a non-destructive excavation solution which replaces risky conventional hand digging or mechanical excavation techniques – thereby, mitigating excavation risk substantially.


Applications: Visual Confirmation of Buried Lines, Directional Drilling Test Holes, Sacrificial Anode Installation, Pipeline and Utility Crossing, Subsurface Utility Engineering Test Holes.


Terra HX units can excavate trenches as narrow as 3” wide, otherwise known as trenching slot trenching. This process involves excavating narrow trenches to install pipes, cables or other in-ground utilities.

Terra HX units are precise, non-destructive and efficient slot trenching. Slot trenches are commonly used for investigative or installation purposes.

Applications: Perimeter (exploratory) Slot Trenching, Expose existing Cables/Conduits, Cable/Conduit Installation, Drain Tile Installation, Line Fault Repairs.



Terra HX digs or excavates installation holes (of varying diameter and depth) for all types of poles including: power poles, telecom poles, traffic signals, light standards, signs, fence posts, etc.


Piling Holes
Terra HX digs holes for structural support foundations (varying diameter and depth). Piling holes may be exploratory (friction piles) or full depth (end-bearing piles).


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